Banking & A/C's

Banking Services

Like all businesses, your family office has a need for traditional banking products. As an Asian originated regional organisation at the forefront of bank innovation, we can provide your family office with a comprehensive range of products from basic currency accounts to an institutional Global Custody platform, and global cash management solutions. For highly sophisticated clients we can also introduce prime brokerage and direct access dealing services with many of our partners or indeed, work smoothly alongside your current banking arrangements.

Credit Solutions

We understand that your family office could benefit from leverage to enhance return and improve liquidity. Our lending services encompass Lombard lending, single stock lending, residential mortgage and other tailored lending. We can also connect you to the many Corporate Banking franchises, which may be able to finance your family business and new ventures.

Offshore Investment Property/Real Estate

•We understand that a well diversified investment portfolio* includes property to complement your other investments*. Therefore we work with select partners in providing investment real estate across the globe. Currently, most demand comes for property investment in London and Australia. In addition to those two places we can help you with high yield rental properties in Manchester, Thailand and New Zealand and the USA

Service include :
• Bespoke property search
• Access to off-market luxury properties
• Creating a property portfolio
• Administrative property acquisition support
• Support with sale of real estate
• (International) real estate management
• Organising security protection of private residences
• Real estate financing/mortgage