GreenPro Collaboration with 5 Stars on CEO Thoughts and Talks

June 12, CEO Thoughts and Talks for June has been successfully organized by GreenPro Synergy Network (hereinafter GSN) and Five Stars Capital in Cheras Plaza on 12th June 2018. The speech was delivered by the CEO of GSN, Vincent Tan, and CEO of Five Stars Capital, Kennay Tan.



The talk underlined the importance of securitizing a business rapidly and also brought up several pain points that Malaysian entrepreneurs often encounter, such as how does a company present its market value, what are the possible ways to raise sufficient fund for business, as well as what is the exit plan a business should provide to the investors.

As emphasized by GreenPro, fundraising should be done legally through proper procedures and regulation and the ability of a company to raise fund does not equate to the business being able to sustain in the long run. Vincent said whether or not a company has been listed, every business that has the plan to get funding from the public has the responsibility to prepare an exit plan for its investors because it helps to boost the investors’ confidence towards the business. As there are so many stock exchanges available worldwide today, Vincent clearly explained the differences between them as well as provide some useful and helpful information to the participants.



As the world’s largest capital market, the United States is undeniable the most look upon the capital market that companies with vision yearning to go get listed on, with such a big market, US is not short of exchanges like the OTC Markets, NASDAQ, and NYSE. With his great sense of humor, Vincent managed to catch the attention of the participants through his informative knowledge sharing session. Participants were pleased and contended that there is such a comfortable and unrestrained environment for them to understand and learn about the capital market and securitization.

CEO of GreenPro Capital Group, CK Lee who attended the talk as a guest speaker also share his wisdom on capital markets with the participants. He said that he is saddened to see so many self-proclaimed capital gurus are misleading the local entrepreneurs today, some even promote the use of illegal ways in raising the fund which does not contribute to any long-term value gaining for their businesses.



CK stressed that entrepreneurs have to always look for the appropriate way to capitalize their company value, which in GreenPro’s term that would be for a company to go for public listing. As the securitization of a company is under formal regulatory and in compliance with the law because a company has the responsibility and obligatory to disclose their information in order to stay transparent to the investors. He also generously shared his 20 years of personal experiences in the financial and capital market field to the audiences.

The talk ended with more than half of the participants staying back to seek further consultation from CK, Vincent, and Kennay. Most believe that they have learned much about the capital market from the whole day seminar and even gain new understanding which they have not discovered and understood before. Some participants went on to ask questions well after the event has ended and trying their best to obtain more useful securitization-related information that would be helpful for them in their company’s future development and direction. The event has been the most successful one in the CEO Thoughts and Talks series and this is only the start of a series of more in-depth capital knowledge seminars for local entrepreneurs and business people alike.

*CEO Thoughts and Talk is a monthly event jointly organized by GSN and Five Starts Capital, kindly stay tuned to participate in our upcoming events.


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