Our Greenpro Family Office Services (“GFOS”)

GFOS is a member firm of Greenpro Captial Corp. (NASDAQ: GRNQ) a company listed on the NASDAQ Exchange Markets in the USA. GFOS supports successful families with the management, organisation and maintenance of their wealth. Family offices can be established anywhere in the world, and you will find them primarily in Europe (mainly in Switzerland and London) and the United States of America. Increasingly, Hong Kong and Singapore are the chosen destinations for Family offices in Asia as more and more wealth is created, in the region labeled the growth engine of the world as the power shifts East from the West. And as such, Greenpro Family Office Ltd is ideally situated to take advantage, offering our superior services for our clients.

Our professional multi-family office offers services such as wealth planning, administration, asset protection & management, asset consolidation, asset performance monitoring, charity services, tax and legal services, trusteeship and risk management, investment planning & management, and business support services. We are flexible in that the services are offered in-house, or the family office cooperates with dedicated external partners.

We like to be thorough and leave no stone unturned for clients as we can also offer to organise your travel arrangements, provide insurance solutions, manage your yacht or help you invest in private equity or manage real estate, providing and assisting you in your business development with a view to monetize, capitalize, securitise and globalize you’re your business value globally. Other services can naturally be added according to your personal needs.

GFOS will review, assess, analyze and advise you at every step, however, ultimately it is you who decides exactly how we can / will serve you and your family. GFOS can invest your money, or only manage your relationship with the bank(s) or other financial institutions. We can manage all of the family's assets or only a certain part and we can be responsible for disbursement of payments to family members, according to your will and choice, now and in the future. Our GFOS can also manage your corporate (holding) structure and your private investment structure and assist in setting up wealth protection or other wealth planning structures. In most cases, wealth management, wealth planning and safeguarding your assets are at the core of the services which are provided.