Greenpro Capital was duly invited to attend the FPSB Forum

September 2, 2017, the International Financial Planning Standards Committee (China) Forum was held at Ramada Pearl Hotel in Guangzhou, attracting nearly 500 financial professionals (AFP / CFP / EFP / CPB licensees) to attend the event. Ms. Sarah Henderson, Senior Consultant of Greenpro Capital, Ms. Qi Jiahui, CEO of Greenpro Family Office, and Mr. Chen Cong, Deputy General Manager of the Finance Department for CITIC Securities- Guangdong Branch were invited to attend this forum as guest speakers. The forum was delivered in the form of keynote speeches as well as roundtable style, surrounding the topic of “Wealth Inheritance through Family Trust” and other popular debates on trust to provide the audiences with a detailed and vivid introduction of wealth management and inheritance.

The forum was divided into two sessions. For the first half session, Ms. Sarah Henderson and Ms. Lu Qi gave their speeches on the topic of “Better Planning for Overseas Family Trust under the CRS.” They combined the knowledge they gained from Greenpro Registered Retirement Trust (ORSO) as well as their knowledge on overseas trust to provide the audiences with situations people might encounter under such scheme, which includes but not limited to the statutory declaration, tax planning, and privacy protection. Their sharing sessions have provided everyone with a real-world insight of the law and mechanism of overseas trust system as well as a more in-depth understanding of wealth inheritance through the family trust. The audiences were delighted to have learned more on this subject and were also being made aware of the differences between domestic and foreign trust, hence the two speakers were given a big round of applause at the end of their sessions.

The second half of the forum was a roundtable seminar on the topic of “Wealth Inheritance through Family Trust”. Mr. Jiang Jun, chairman of the Guangzhou Association of Financial Planners, was invited to chair the seminar. Three guest speakers, which includes the former two speakers as well as Mr. Chen Cong were invited on stage to share their experience on family wealth protection and to provide an in-depth discussion on problems with regards to family inheritance.

The audiences were given a Q & A session towards the end of the roundtable session, all kinds of questions with regard to the problems faced during wealth inheritance within the domestic market as well as the international market were presented to our guests speakers, as our audiences were eager to find a solutions and they were also deeply charmed by the knowledge possessed by our guest speakers. Throughout the session, there were many exchanges of ideas and views, which is a good feedback for our guest speaker. All in all, the audiences are satisfied with what they have gained and the forum came to an end in a delightful atmosphere.

Greenpro Capital is confident that this event has brought to our guests with a profound understanding of “offshore family trusts” as well as the essential differences between domestic and overseas trusts – as the overseas trusts emphasize more on distribution and inheritance instead of low-risk financial investment. Greenpro Capital as a specialized financial services provider has accumulated rich experience in the international capital operation and is committed to layout the establishment of a diversified financial services agencies. Meanwhile, the “Worldwide Wealth Wisdom” forum founded by Greenpro Capital has been conducted in various parts of Asia and were all well received. It hopes through a series of events, the new definition of “wealth creation, wealth protection and wealth succession” could eventually be taken up by businesses and high net worth customers. In the future, Greenpro Capital will continue its mission to promote its “Chinese wisdom” and to assist more individuals and organizations to achieve their wealth inheritance goals by virtue of its professional asset allocation and wealth management capabilities.

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