GreenPro Family Office (GFOS), is the member firm of GreenPro Capital Group, which listed on the OTCQB of OTC Market in 2014. In 2018, GreenPro Capital Group successfully uplift from OTC Market to NASDAQ Market , code : GRNQ

GreenPro Capital is an integrated corporate advisory service provider involved in cross-border public listing, asset protection & trust services, financial review and wealth management.

At The Family Office we devote ourselves entirely to one activity: Wealth Management. Developing integrated long-term wealth plans for individuals and families in Asia is our one and only focus.

We build diversified portfolios following a disciplined, forward-looking approach. Our investment programs and extensive network provide access to best-in-class managers and unique opportunities.



For the past years , GreenPro Capital continues to expand its business around the Asia Region. We have made our landmark achievement and keep expanding our business footprint key markets such as Greater China and South East Asia.

We enhanced our organisational and relationship management capabilities as well as our physical touch-points to ensure better delivery of services in meeting clients need.It is satisfying to know that we are able to help our clients in achieving greater competitiveness and improved corporate value through their business growth.

We are proud of the business development we are building, and also our relationship by or partnering with our clients, proud of how our expertise and knowledge providing solution to our clients, and we will executing flawless results through our effective and efficient services. But we will never be complacent and always strive to improve to deliver better and achieve higher customer satisfaction.