GreenPro Capital Invited by Financial Planning Standards Board to Attend the “New Capital Trilogy” Forum

February 4, 2018, the “Capital Wealth Creation- Rapid International Securitization of Enterprises” forum hosted by the International Financial Planning Standards Board (IFPB) was held in Hangzhou Huachen Kenzo Hotel, attracting nearly 200 financial insiders (AFP / CFP / EFP / CPB Licensee) to participate the event. The event specially invited Mr. Tan Inn Shen, President of Greenpro Synergy Network and Ms. Qi Jiahui, Chief Executive Officer of Greenpro Trust Co. and Greenpro Family Office Ltd. The seminar circulates on the topics of “Quick Securitization for Enterprises” and “Family Trust of Wealth Inheritance” to provide an in-depth analysis and to jointly explore the new definition of capital structure with the audience.

Mr. Tan Inn Shen gave his keynote speech on the title of “New Capital Trilogy- Capital, Wealth and Value”. He said that the core elements of capital operation are none other than “capital”, “value” and “wealth.” Capital in his context means the ability to control resources, in order to create value for people who put in the capital, thereby accumulating more wealth, as well as obtaining more control over resources, so this cycle becomes the so-called- “capital operation”.

Many professional organizations focus only on a single service and fail to infiltrate and benefit from the interactions of “capital, value, wealth”. They rely solely on a single service area to serve their clients, often ignoring the fact that financial services, such as wealth management and family offices, are virtually inseparable from business operations because businesses are sources of capital. The “New Capital Trilogy” supported by Greenpro Capital precisely aim at the core elements of capital operation to bring out the practice of capital operation and at the same time help enterprises, individuals and families maximize, capitalize and internationalize their values.

Towards the end of his first sharing session, Mr. Tan Inn Shen changed his discussion topic to “Securitization Practice and Its Case Sharing”. He gave an in-depth analysis on macroeconomic trends such as domestic and foreign economic and capital markets, as well as the problems facing the development of the enterprises nowadays from his own unique perspective. He mentioned that in an ever-changing and competitive society, enterprises must grow rapidly. Securitization, of course, is undoubtedly a propeller for the development of an enterprise and effectively turns enterprise value into a recognized value in the market.

At the same time, Mr. Tan Inn Shen mentioned that it is precisely because companies cannot demonstrate their intangible value, so Asia began to build a multi-level capital market to encourage more business in maximizing their value, an example such as the China’s New Third Board, Qianhai Equity Exchange Center and so on. Greenpro Capital hopes that through its international securitization practice counseling programs, it can help more than 1000 listed companies, especially listed companies in the equity trading center to securitize their companies succeed in short period of time. This is to actively respond to the “bring in, go global” initiative suggested by the Chinese government, in order to connect businesses with international development.

In the second half of the sharing session, Ms. Qi Jiahui unreservedly provided her profound professional knowledge and rich industry experience in “family wealth inheritance” and analyzed the blind spots and misunderstandings of current family wealth inheritance, as well as the differences in domestic and overseas trusts. As she said, the trust was originated from Great Britain in the 11th century and was based on an Anglo-American legal system, which is a more perfect and sound legal system than the domestic one. Ms. Qi Jiahui said that as a result of the differences in the legal systems both at home and abroad, the trust’s functional orientation has become quite different too. She further explained in detail the specific differences between the types of overseas trusts and her informative session won herself a big hand of applause from the guests.

Through this activity, Greenpro Capital has given its guests a more profound understanding of “corporate securitization” and “overseas family trust”. After the activity ended, many guests gave a high evaluation of the forum and expressed their keen interest to participate in such activities again in the future. Greenpro Capital as a major player in the financial industry has many years of experience in the financial field, it has accumulated rich experience in international capital operation and it is committed to establish and become a diversified financial services agencies. At the same time, the “Worldwide Wealth Wisdom” forum series sponsored by Greenpro Capital has been conducted in various parts of Asia in full swing and received great response from the masses. In these forums, it actively advocates the new definitions of “wealth creation, wealth preservation and wealth succession” for enterprises and high net worth clients.

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