“Worldwide Wealth Wisdom” Event- Qian Hai Listed Company Started Its Listing Process in US Capital Market

January 19 2018, Greenpro Capital Group and Greenpro Family Office co-hosted “Worldwide Wealth Wisdom – International Wealth Creation Model with New Capital” successfully in Shenzhen. Among them, Mr. Lee Chong Kuang , CEO of Greenpro Capital, Mr. Loke Che Chan , CFO of Greenpro , Mr. Xu Yi Xuan, Founding President of Rebobee and nearly 100 guests from investment institutions, entrepreneurs, Shenzhen Private Equity Association, Shenzhen Listed M & A Association, Shenzhen Family Office Association and HNWIs have all gathered to attend this event.

During the meeting, Mr. Vincent Tan, the president of Greenpro Synergy Network, and Ms. Lu Qi, a famous private banker, brought to our guests a wonderful sharing session from their perspectives of a global market environment, corporate securitization practice and family wealth planning inheritance.

The event started with Vincent delivered a speech for the conference on “Securitization Practice and its Case Studies”. In light of a disruptive environment coming from new emerging industry, internet + sharing economy and other new business models, it has almost become a total nightmare for traditional enterprises. Hence, Vincent emphasizes him experience on how businesses should transform to stay relevant as well as his opinion and forecast for the future of businesses.

First, Vincent provided the guests with a macroeconomic overview, he analyzed the domestic and foreign economic, capital markets and the problems faced by growing enterprises. When talking about the value of the enterprise, he mentioned that corporate values can be both visible and invisible, while the invisible values are often overlooked. In the actual operation of an enterprise, it is, in fact, these intangible values that are affecting the future of an enterprise. Vincent also mentioned in his speech that securitization can reflect the invisible value of an enterprise through market capitalization so as to help enterprises to effectively integrate their resources.

He also emphasized that under the “One Belt One Road” initiative trend, enterprises should seize the opportunities when the time is right and enterprises should learn to change and adapt if they have any shortcomings. They must understand how making good use of capital resources could help their enterprises to develop and expand.

Right next after, Ms. Lu Qi gave her speech on the theme of “Family Wealth Inheritance,” she analyzed the current blind spots and misunderstandings of family wealth inheritance as well as the differences in domestic and overseas trusts. The trust originated from Britain in the 11th century and was based on the Anglo-American legal system. The law is perfect and sound than the domestic one. Lu said that as a result of the differences in the legal systems both at local and abroad, the trust’s functional orientation is quite different. The specific differences between the types of overseas trust were explained in detail later on in her speech. Her immense experience and brilliant knowledge on trusts had won her a big round of applause from the guests.

Coming up next, the Rebobee and Greenpro had a signing ceremony to officiate Rebobee’s starting its process to get listed in the US Capital Market. Rebobee’s core business focuses on industrial innovation, technology transformation, and investment attraction, with an objective of building an international talent incubator base. It hopes to carry out precise cross-border business cooperation with countries partake in “One Belt and Road” and together they could focus on the world’s high-end cross-border business services.

At the signing ceremony, CEO of Rebobee, Mr. Xu Yi Xuan said: “As a listed company in Qian Hai, Rebobee has always hoping to enter the global capital market for many years and to become an international firm. This is mainly motivated by the limitations of many mechanisms and the changing face of the global environmental landscape. Hence Rebobee has decided to go on exploring the international platform and even the global arena to meet the requirements of the “12th Five-Year Plan” for pursuing the “bring in” and “go global” strategies”. It formally started with moving towards securitization in the international capital markets to create greater value for our existing shareholders, the signing of this contract means that Rebobee officially starts to set sail towards the international capital market for great significance on the strategic development of the company. Robobee plans to collaborate closely with Greenpro Capital Group in promoting the internationalization of its company.

Vincent provided his strong assurance that Greenpro will formulate an international securitization solution for Rebobee to assist Rebobee in its transition into the capital market while introducing more international strategic investors so to better obtain development opportunities. He stressed that in such a highly competitive market environment, enterprises must accelerate their development to prevent itself from being obsolete in the market. Therefore, many listed companies in China actively looking for new opportunities to grow. Greenpro Capital as a professional financial services provider will base on its mature securitization experience, continue its effort in providing practical advice, professional guidance and technical support to more enterprises from a global strategic point of view, so to promote the internalization of Asian companies.

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